Running Shoes and Gait

Posted on: December 24th, 2013

If you are thinking of taking up running in the new year or if you are an existing runner, it is very important to have properly fitting and appropriate footwear. The Osteopaths and physiotherapists at Martin Davies Osteopaths are constantly having to deal with injuries caused by inappropriate footwear and in particular badly chosen running shoes. Many injuries such as Achilles strains, shin splints, knee pain, back ache and hip problems can be caused by poor sports shoes! We recommend all runners of all abilities to be assessed at their sports shop to make sure they have the correct footwear to avoid injury. The minimum assessment should include static and dynamic gait analysis and actually trying your prospective purchases on a treadmill! (pictures courtesy of sweatshop hyde cheshireIMG_8141IMG_8142IMG_8146IMG_8148)

Secret High Profile Patient helped with Back Pain and Sciatica by Osteopaths

Posted on: December 24th, 2013

Secret patient success! Great news for all the “good” children as we have been able to help a very high profile patient who is now able to return to work after his spell of back pain with sciatica! He cannot be named due to confidentiality reasons but he did say he was a ” Ho Ho Whole lot better, thanks!” A very merry Christmas to all our patients and wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! From martin and all the staff at the practices.santa well2

Secret Patient Very High Profile with back pain!

Posted on: December 24th, 2013

Important news! Here at Martin Davies Osteopaths,
We have a very high profile patient who cannot be named due to confidentiality reasons but unless we get his back and sciatica problem sorted quickly there could be severe consequences for many children throughout the world! Wish us luck!

Caring for neck and back Pain!

Posted on: October 8th, 2013

Caring for Back pain!

National Back Care Week

BackCare – the charity for healthy backs – is promoting an awareness week to encourage people to take better care of their backs.

This year’s theme is Caring for Carers. Unpaid carers make a massive contribution to healthcare provision in the UK, saving the NHS and social service providers over £100bn by looking after disabled, sick or elderly relatives, partners and friends. They provide a wide range of support to those they care for including personal care, such as dressing and bathing, providing transport, running errands such as shopping and administering medication or medical care. Many carry out tasks that involve manual handling, like lifting or supporting the people they care for or moving heavy equipment but few have received any training or advice on how to do this safely, which puts them at risk of injury. In fact 83% of carers that took part in a recent survey for Carers Week, reported that caring had affected their physical health.

Carers often struggle to access healthcare for themselves, finding it difficult to cover their caring responsibilities whilst they attend healthcare appointments. Many will delay getting treatment for themselves or will discharge themselves early from hospital in order to put the needs of the person they care for ahead of their own.

Although carers who give up work to care or are unable to work because of their caring responsibilities are entitled to claim a carer’s allowance many still live on low incomes, limiting their ability to pay for private treatment or pay for professional carers to look after their loved one whilst they attend appointments.

Sustaining an injury or becoming unwell can severely limit a carers ability to continue to provide care. When this happens the welfare of the cared for person is also at risk. Local authorities may be able to step in but this puts a strain on resources and is often unwelcome from the point of view of both the carer and their charge. The speedy recovery of the carer must therefore be a priority.

Martin Davies Osteopaths can provide inexpensive, rapid and flexible treatment for carers who experience pain or injury. Many provide a mobile service allowing the carer to be treated at home and most osteopaths have appointments available outside of normal office hours which may help a carer who can enlist the support of another friend or relative who can provide care whilst they take some time for themselves. Martin Davies Osteopaths can also advise carers on how to look after their backs in order to prevent injury or stop an existing condition worsening.

BackCare Awareness Week 2013: Caring for Carers

The UK is home to 7 million unpaid carers. These are people who provide regular, ongoing support and assistance to an ailing or disabled family member, friend or neighbour on a voluntary basis.

They represent an unpaid and often invisible workforce that saves the Government a staggering £119 billion every year – more than the Government’s entire annual NHS expenditure.

Due to the nature of their role, unpaid carers are often exposed to higher than usual levels of physical and emotional stress which puts their own health at risk.

Many carers help the person they care for with physical tasks, such as getting in and out of the bed, bath or chairs. Without advice and training in safe technique, the carer may be putting undue ‘biomechanical’ stress on their own bodies.

In addition to this, the role of carer, especially when caring for a spouse or close family member, can create unique emotional stresses. Both parties can struggle with issues such as dependency and loss, as they try to adapt to the changing relationship.

Over 70% the UK’s unpaid carers now suffer from back pain, and are a greater risk of developing chronic pain, which is highly disabling in a third of cases and life-long for the majority.

BackCare is working to help the UK’s unpaid carers with the launch of a national campaign called ‘Caring for Carers’ during this year’s BackCare Awareness Week (7-11th October 2013).

The week will kick off with a radio day of live interviews on regional and national stations to raise awareness of the key issues. BackCare will be distributing a campaign pack featuring educational materials, including the Carer’s Guide and DVD.

The campaign is being run in collaboration with several organisations, including Carer’s Trust, Arc Learning, Guideposts Trust, Carers of Epsom, Action for Carers and the White Lodge Centre.

BackCare members and partners will also be running local events up and down the country in clinics and carer centres to coordinate with the campaign. To learn more about BackCare please visit, email or call 020 8977 5474

For more information about BackCare visit

Osteopaths support National BackCare Awareness Week

Most of us will look after someone who is sick, frail or disabled at some time in our lifetime
There are approximately 6.5m unpaid carers in the UK, this equates to 1 in 8 adults
1.4m carers take care of a friend, relative or partner for more than 50 hours per week
Social services and the NHS rely on carers’ willingness and ability to care, their caring saves the economy around £119bn per year
38% of carers provide physical help, such as helping people get in and out of bed or up and down stairs (of those providing more than 20 hours of care this rises to 54%)

Carers’ Health
In a survey for Carers’ Week 2012 83% of carers reported that caring had affected their physical health, this includes injuries as a result of manual handling.
Very few carers have a GP that provides regular carers health checks or did home or telephone appointments
Many carers find it difficult to find the time to look after their own needs, putting off their own treatment or discharging themselves early from hospital because their caring responsibilities can’t be covered.

The British Osteopathic Association, which represents the majority of registered osteopaths, is supporting National BackCare Awareness Week (7 – 11 October). The theme of this year’s event is ‘caring for carers’ and the BOA is issuing advice for carers to help them protect their backs.

Osteopaths can provide rapid, drug free, relief from pain caused by the types of stresses that carers often subject their back to when caring for others. Of the UK’s 6.5m unpaid carers more than 80% said that their physical health had been affected by their caring responsibilities and 70% now suffer with back pain and are at a greater risk of developing chronic pain. As holistic therapists, osteopaths deliver a combination of manual therapy and advice for carers on how to prevent injury through exercise, good technique and a healthy lifestyle. Osteopathy is now available on the NHS in some areas.

Osteopath Martin Davies , BOA member, gives the following advice for carers to help them look after their backs.
Think before you help someone – don’t risk a disc by lifting or manoeuvring someone on your own if they are too big for you
Never twist and bend your back when lifting an object or helping to support someone
When lifting keep the person or object close to you and always bend from the hips and knees
Avoid straining yourself when providing aid for someone, always ensure you are in a safe and good position to help that person – look after yourself first so you can look after them
If you are looking after someone on a regular basis and this requires lifting or handling, try to find some changes you could make which reduce the physical stress
Pace yourself with your activity, its usually when we rush things that we tend to hurt ourselves
Take regular exercise yourself so you are fit and able to help others

cheque 4 MND2Martin Davies Osteopaths are offering a £10 discount for Carers this week, for all new patients to their surgeries in Cheshire. (normally from £38)

To find out more please ring your nearest surgery or 01270 661593 for crewe, Nantwich, Alsager and south Cheshire.

Or 0161 483 6986 for Stockport, Poynton,Hazel Grove and Manchester.

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Caring for Back Pain

Posted on: October 8th, 2013

Martin Davies Osteopaths is backing carers during Back Care Awareness Weekcheque 4 MND2

Back Care Awareness Week (7 – 11 October 2013) is focusing on Caring for the Carers and Martin Davies Osteopaths is supporting local carers by offering a whopping £10 discount for all new patients who are carers this week. There normal full consultation fee is only £38 anyway for a 45 min consultation and treatment!

There are around 6.5m1 unpaid carers in the UK who frequently put the needs of others before their own, sometimes sacrificing their own health and wellbeing. In a recent survey 83%2 of carers reported that their caring responsibilities had affected their physical health, which includes injuries sustained through manual handling. A report by Carers UK and the University of Leeds calculated that carers’ willingness and ability to provide care saved the NHS and social services around £119bn3 a year. But a carer’s ability can be compromised if they suffer an injury or develop pain that isn’t treated.

Through gentle manipulation of the body osteopaths can help to heal injuries and relieve pain caused by imbalances, stress or the awkward movements that are sometimes needed when caring for another person. They can also offer advice on how to manage pain and look after your back to prevent problems from developing. Speaking about Back Care Awareness Week Martin Davies said, ‘Carers have a vital role in looking after the wellbeing of others, often to the detriment of their own health. We wanted to help carers look after their own backs for a change.’

Carers can access this offer my ringing 01270 661593 for apointments in south cheshire or staffordshire or 0161 483 6986 for stockport and manchester. Or email us via our website!

New Practice Opens in Hazel Grove Stockport

Posted on: September 18th, 2013

STOP PRESS! Exciting news! We have moved from our old surgery in hazel grove, 2 mins down the road to a purpose designed new practice with all the latest facilities to help our patients, including a £8500 laser to help with musculoskeletal pain and injuries! After 28 years at our old practice we felt it was time to move to a more modern and patient friendly surgery to help better serve our patients and staff. We are happy to welcome our existing patients and any new patients to our modern new practice, and look forwards to introducing new therapies and treatments to further help our patients. Now is the time to rid yourself of those niggly aches and pains that have been holding you back and stopping you from enjoying life to the full!

Hazel Grove Osteopathic Surgery
302 London road
Hazel Grove
Sk7 4RF hg4 hg2hg5hg3









Contact us now on 0161 483 6986





Win 5 Free Osteopathic Treatments!

Posted on: May 21st, 2013

We Have a WINNER!!!!

We have a WINNER for our facebook competition, to win 5 free Osteopathic treatments at any of our 4 Osteopathic surgeries in Cheshire.

Mrs S. Of Manchester wins a course of 5 free OSTEOPATHIC treatments. She is thrilled to win as she has been suffering with chronic SCIATICA and cant wait to start her treatment so that she can enjoy her new retirement pain free and get on with living her life. She wants to travel to the USA but has been unable to sit on a plane for any length of time due to the disabling pain down the back of her leg. She cant wait to book her flight once her discomfort from sciatica has been eased at the stockport branch of Martin Davies Osteopaths!

If YOU would like to WIN a course of 5 FREE OSTEOPATHIC TREATMENTS at any one of our surgeries then all you need to do is to KEEP “LIKING” our posts on our facebook page and someone will again WIN 5 free treatments! The more “LIKES” you place the more likely you are to win!

To stand a chance of winning all you need to do is click on the “FACEBOOK” icon on the top right of our home page and then “Like” any of our posts. The more you like the more chance you have to be our next winner!


GOOD LUCK!winner 3winner facebook prize

Top UK Triathletes praise treatment at Martin Davies Osteopaths

Posted on: May 21st, 2013

Top Amateur Triathletes Praise Martin Davies Osteopaths

Thanks Martin for the treatment. Really professional, and effective, and you had me back competing in just a week or so after my problems which had kept me off the bike for many weeks. I can’t wait to have more treatment and advice at your surgery to help me in my sporting performance! I know the osteopaths at the surgery have competed in triathlons themselves and so have an extra insight into the particular needs of athletes in this sport!triathlon star 1 triathlon star 2

Aaaah My shoulder really hurts!!!

Posted on: April 14th, 2013

Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff syndrome, Tendonitis, Bursitis, and Impingement Syndrome.

These closely related conditions may occur alone or together. If the rotator cuff (the muscles that twist the arm) and bursae ( bags of fluid that stop the muscles rubbing on the bones) are inflamed, and swollen, they may become squeezed between the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) and the acromion (top of the shoulder blade). Repeated movement of the arms, or the aging process of the muscles and tendons of the shoulder can lead to shoulder pain. Impingement syndrome occurs when the rotator cuff tendons rub against the roof of the shoulder, the acromion.


The shoulder is made up of the scapula (shoulder blade), the humerus (upper arm bone), and the clavicle (collarbone).

The rotator cuff muscles are called: the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis, and attach to the bones of the shoulder .They help move the arm outwards and rotate the arm. They also help keep the bones of the arm closely together to prevent injury. shoulder_impingement_pic2 copy








A bursa ( sac of liquid to prevent tendons and muscles fraying as they rub over bones) is located between the acromion and the rotator cuff tendons, to stop them rubbing against each other.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Impingement is when the tendons or bursa are pinched between the humerus (arm bone) and the acromion (top bone of the shoulder).

When the arm is used above shoulder height everyone will get a bit of impingement, but this normally doesn’t cause any trouble. However, with prolonged or repeated movements, the structures can get worn, inflamed and painful. This can also cause swelling and pain in the bursa.

With wear and tear bony outgrowths called spurs can occur which further irritate the area.


In the early stages you will find the shoulder just aches, particularly when moving your arm outwards or reaching for your back pocket. Later you may notice that lying on the affected side wakes you up.

You may also notice that your arm becomes stiffer and more painful as it gets worse.

Sometimes the supraspinatus tendon can become so worn that it snaps leading to weakness in the arm.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your Osteopath will take a careful case history and then examine you in great detail, noting your ranges and quality of movement. He will do minor tests for trapped nerves, ranges of movement and power, and in rare cases may request an X ray or MRI scan.

When a diagnosis has been reached , your Osteopath will discuss the treatment options with you.

Although shoulder pain can be serious, the vast majority of injuries are not and can easily be helped by your Osteopath. He should normally be able to reduce your symptoms to a pain-free level and give you advice and exercise to help prevent future problems. NB Shoulder problems can take a very long time to settle down, 3-6 months would not be unusual. The sooner you seek treatment the quicker you will be better. It was once said by the tennis player John McEnroe’s Osteopath “that a shoulder problem will take one month to settle for every week you leave it!” Although not strictly true it can act as a fair rule of thumb!

This is one of the most common conditions that Osteopaths treat and often a patient can be helped by carefully prescribed Osteopathic treatment and advice! Sometimes a cortisone injection or surgery would be the preferred option but your Osteopath will be able to advise you on this.

Top Athletes pay tribute to Martin Davies Osteopaths

Posted on: March 24th, 2013

Teacher Tony is a class acttony leigh 2 Tony Leigh 3

TONY Leigh’s the new British Masters Indoor 200m champion.

The Malbank School teacher, who lives at Crewe, streaked to gold in his 40-44 age category at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Enfield, London, over the weekend. The 42-year-old also bagged a brilliant silver medal in the 60m. He said: “It feels great to be British Champion.

“To be honest I expected to get what I did get, but thinking it and doing it are two different things. lt felt strange to be favourite in the 200m.

“It really got to me before the final. I was worrying about all sorts of things like running out of my lane or pulling a muscle.

“My main rival was in the lane outside me. I came out of the last corner ahead and held him off at the line. I was pleased with my time in the 60m, so it was a good weekend for me.”

Dad-of-three Tony, a Crewe and Nantwich AC runner, won the British outdoor l00m title in 2005 and bagged two silvers last year.

But this is his first Masters British triumph indoors. He won his 6Om heat in 7.36secs, but was pipped by Rohan Samuel (7.l7 secs) in the final by nine hundredths of a second.

In the 200m, he again won his heat, in 24.29 secs, and improved it to take gold with 23.91 secs in the final. While he will be in action at club, county and regional level in the next few months, his main aims for the rest of the season are the British Championships (outdoor) in July and the European Masters Championships in Slovenia later in the year.

Tony would like to thank  Martin Davies of Crewe and Nantwich Osteopathic Surgery for their help and support.

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